Zabbix 3.0 a Long-Term Support version released!

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A long awaited new version of Zabbix Monitoring Solution was released! Zabbix 3.0 is now a Long-Term Support version, which mean is supported for Zabbix customers during five years!

Zabbix is a mature enterprise-level platform designed for real-time monitoring of millions of metrics collected from an immense number of servers, virtual machines, network devices and applications, effortlessly scaling to even larger environments, enabling to gather and analyze and visualize accurate statistics and performance metrics, and notify users about current and potential issues without delay.

  • easily scalable architecture utilizing agentless monitoring methods or deploying light-weight agents on monitoring targets, proxies for a distributed setup and a central Zabbix server
  • network discovery and automated deployment: network devices can be discovered and added for monitoring file systems, network interfaces and other entities automatically
  • ready-to-use scenarios for monitoring diverse environments
  • monitor virtually everything with built-in and custom checks
  • web-based user interface accessible from anywhere

Zabbix 3.0 performs beyond the expected, in every aspect and is now more secure than ever, with the added benefits of encryption for keeping your data safe. We have raised efficiency and the ease of user experience thanks to the redesign of the frontend UI. Being in control of your network never looked so good – says Alexei Vladishev, founder and CEO of Zabbix, with more than 15 years of experience in leading and evolving the platform.

What’s new in Zabbix 3.0

  • Zabbix 3.0 comes with a completely new frontend design.
  • Network communications between Zabbix components can now be encrypted if Zabbix is compiled with mbed TLS (PolarSSL), GnuTLS or OpenSSL library.
  • Performance improvements. The processing of trigger prototypes has been optimized by reducing the number of SQL statements. As a result, the process of creating triggers takes only half of the time as before.
  • Predictive capabilities are now available via forecast and timeleft trigger functions. These functions analyse item history and return the future value of the item or time in which the item value reaches a threshold respectively.
  • Configuring e-mail as a media type for sending notifications has been extended with new SMTP authentication options.
  • Item checking so far in Zabbix has centered around the concept of interval only. There has been the default update interval and the ability of specifying flexible update intervals.
  • Custom parameter support for alert scripts.
  • All users in Zabbix can now create network maps, screens and slide shows.
  • and many more…….

More detailed description of all Zabbix features is available at:

Leave downtime to the past and be prepared for what may come your way. Zabbix 3.0 is now available for download:

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