We are passionate about creating impressive, high quality web applications and we follow thebest practices in order to achieve this and fill the gap between product idea and its successful realization and launch. Thanks to the cooperation of experienced programmers, creative designers and experts from user experience, we are able to create not only beautiful, but also useful, ergonomic and user friendly web applications.

Our task is to realize your business ideas with the use of technology and to achieve goals determined by you. We are passionate about original solutions and we will certainly surprise you many times with our creativity.

We create high-quality software by using
creativity & technology


We are able to combine specialized knowledge with skills of creative thinking! As a result, our customers have the warranty that we approach individually to each project – it ensures that any software produced by us is unique.


We are geeks of all technological innovations! On a regular basis we browse and subscribe blogs, thematic portals and we test all new technologies that could improve and accelerate our daily work during the development of software. In the final effect, products manufactured by us are based on the latest technologies that give innovation and freshness to the application.

How we Work

We love developing applications. We dare you to come up with a custom project we can’t handle!

Full Stack Development

We love Ruby on Rails and JavaScript!

In Hawatel we use Ruby on Rails and JavaScript as a core technology for delivering web applications. Thanks of RoR and JS we are able to much faster deliver a high quality product to the customer in comparison to other technologies. This set is flexible, fast, easily scalable and secure. Therefore, due to these and many other advantages, Rails + JavaScript are the most often selected technology for creating modern web applications.

Because the production of great quality applications also requires the use of other languages and frameworks, we have extensive experience in other technologies such as:

  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • Ionic
  • Node.js
  • DynamoDB
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Cordova
  • Perl
We always try to use the most modern technologies and approaches in order to deliver applications with the best quality !

We are Agile!

In Hawatel we work and produce the software in accordance with the Agile methodology. The use of this approach in the daily manufacturing work allows us to better understand and evaluate customer’s needs and to provide a minimum version of the product (MVP) in the user’s hand much faster. Thanks to the incremental production of the software and rapid feedbacks from users, we avoid any technical misunderstandings that may arise during the entire cycle of the project, as well as save time and energy that can be focused on the development of real customer’s needs. In the final effect, the client receives great software, which meets his or her needs in 100%, and this is a guarantee of satisfaction with our services.

In our daily work while creating the software, you use techniques such as: Behavior-Driven Development, Pair Programming, Code Review and Continuous Integration. They allow us to eliminate frequently programming errors committed in the production phase such as redundancy or lack of code’s transparency. In addition, we have the ability to detect errors quickly due to the high code coverage by unit tests.

Communication & Transparency

We think that the communication and transparency are key elements when conducting projects. We know how they are important and how their quality and efficiency translates into our work and the final product. Therefore, in Hawatel, we have developed our own set of best practice tools and procedures what allow us to better interact with the customer. Thanks to them, the client has a current preview of the project’s actual status and he or she is able to almost immediately give us comments in case of any visible misunderstandings or problems.

24/7 Access to code review

Access to Stagging server

Weekly report with current project status

View to sprint board status

Access to ticket system

Our Custom Solutions

  • icon9 Wireframing & Prototyping
  • icon13 Design & Web Development
  • icon8 Business Requirements Gathering
  • icon8 Agile methodologies
  • icon9 Deployment on Cloud
  • icon13 Code and platform support
  • icon9 Code Review
  • icon13 Mobile Development
  • icon8 Continuous integration & delivery

Development Workflow

We believe that the connection of Lean Startup and Agile is the fastest way for the software development and the achievement of customer’s satisfaction.



Scope definition


UI/UX Desing




Ready product


It is the first stage of establishing cooperation, in which there is a general presentation of the product’s vision by the client. During this step, the initial estimation of requirements and needs of the customer is prepared. Moreover, there is an attempt to answer the following questions:
  • What purpose and result we want to achieve (what a certain application should realize)?
  • Whether all functionalities are technically feasible?
  • Determining whether there are time frames, in which a certain project should be realized?
  • Are there any special requirements for technologies, in which the application should be produced?
In order to plan the project well, we must above all appropriately define the need, i.e. we need to have knowledge about real functionalities that should be realized by the application. Therefore, during this stage, we create and develop backlog of the product. Product Backlog is a concept related to the SCRUM methodology and it is designed to help the developer team to deliver the greatest possible value and facilitate the organization of work as soon as possible. It is created by the owner of the product and it consists of “user stories” – i.e. very short stories that in an easy and understandable way describe a single functionality, which should be obtained by the application from the user’s point of view. Such a story ought to tell us:
  • What are we doing?
  • For whom are we doing this?
  • Why are we doing this?

The user interface creation stage begins with the creation of Wireframe. Wireframe is a great help both for the customer, who can more easily image how the product will look like in the final phase, and individual members of the team: project of managers, programmers or designers. Its main aim is to illustrate the functionality, usability and distribution of elements on the layout. By creating the wireframe, you do not try to be perfectionists in every detail. It is designed to show only the most important functionalities of the application.
After creating a mock-up, the pattern is transferred to the designer, who turns a template into a visually attractive and flexible design of the application by adding graphics and selecting an appropriate color palette.

This is the stage, during which developers turn pre-defined „User Stories” into acting functionality in the application. The team works in a specific period of time called the sprint. The results of this sprint is every time to provide the customer the next working version of the product. The rule is that changes implemented in one sprint must be tangible for users. They must bring a functional value.
At the stage of coding, a lot of attention is paid to the testing of application, so we ensure that your application will operate without any problem in extreme situations, e.g. at a very high load.
During the entire software development cycle, the client has an access to the staging server, source code and project management tools, so he or she has the ability to observe on a regular basis the progress of work and submit eventual comments.

After completion of final functional and performance tests, the ready to launch product is passed into the hands of the client.
In this step, there is also a possibility to take advantage of the support of our specialists in the design of a reliable infrastructure for application or commission us the full maintenance of the application.

How does our average working weekend look like? Here are some of our statistics.


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